National Disaster Recovery Nonprofit Produces Easy-To-Follow Informational Tip-Sheets To Help Homeowners Prepare For And Recover From Potential Floods From Hurricanes Florence, Isaac, Helene

Toms River, NJ, September 11, 2018 — With three hurricanes currently churning in the Atlantic, Compass 82, a national nonprofit organization specializing in fast-track disaster recovery, wants anyone in the path of a major storm to know how to prepare themselves and their homes for potential devastation.

The organization has created a pair of easy-to-follow tip-sheets dubbed “Preparing For A Major Storm” and “After The Flood,” designed to reduce the panic that comes with the uncertainty of an extreme weather event.

Compass 82 Founder and Executive Director Susan Marticek said, “Throughout my two decades of being in emergency management and disaster recovery, there has been a consistent commonality among displaced and devastated homeowners: they either didn’t know how to prepare or respond, or they didn’t have enough time.”

Leveraging its intel gained from decades of on-the-ground disaster recovery efforts, Compass 82 responded to this recurring problem with a solution that is practical, efficient and accessible to anyone with a smartphone, tablet or computer.

“The processes of preparing for and responding to a devastating storm are overwhelming,” Marticek continued. “One of our main goals with everything we do is to reduce the stress of those affected by natural disasters and extreme weather events. And our tip-sheets not only offer information critical to one’s safety and recovery, it does so in a way that is clear and concise for the person reading it.”

The Compass 82 tip-sheets, “Preparing For The Storm” and “After The Flood,” can be accessed on its official website.

About Compass 82

With a combined 65+ years experience in on the ground emergency management, insurance adjustment, expedited claims facilitation, legality training, home-building, hands-on education and training, and support network programming, Compass 82 aims to be a pioneer in national disaster recovery, delivering accelerated, comprehensive and proven solutions, tools and resources that systematically bridge homeowners, insurance companies, nonprofits, and government agencies to fast-track sustainable recovery.