In an effort to ease the road ahead for disaster survivors and professionals, Compass 82 has incorporated its decades of disaster recovery experience, expertise, and problem-solving into publicly accessible educational workshops and trainings.

Immediately following a disaster, Compass 82 deploys a team of Disaster Recovery experts to conduct classes and workshops in impacted communities for homeowners, construction professionals, and volunteer groups.

Our professionals represent the following industries: disaster case management, construction, legal, zoning, insurance, social services, government (local, state, federal), utilities, mental health, and senior services

Workshop topics include:

  • Understanding initial post-disaster steps
  • Navigating homeowner and flood insurance coverage and claims
  • Applying for state and federal programs
  • DISASTER FOG™ – Addressing mental and emotional paralysis
  • Contractor vetting (Licensing, Bonding, Insurance), proper contractor contracts
  • Understanding loan specifications and how to interact with recovery grants
  • New guidelines for rebuilding
  • Adapting to a new normal
  • Storm preparation for the future
  • Practical suggestions on how volunteers can best serve survivors and the importance of recognizing how their relief efforts can complicate a homeowner’s recovery if done without foresight

In addition, Compass 82 also hosts educational workshops in disaster-prone areas to educate communities on the importance of preparedness and response protocols as well as planning disaster recovery, which includes our DISASTER FOG™ mental health workshop.